The Transformational Team is renowned for its exclusive women's retreats focusing on empowering women to reach their full potential.  Our retreats are an all-inclusive lifestyle experience teaching women about clean eating, well-being, physical health and exercise,  and the all-important mind/body connection!

Reset, Restore and Rejuvenate your body and mind in an amazing luxurious setting where you will be involved with women who are on a journey to re-discover their true power through growth and enlightenment.  



REGISTRATION WILL BE OPENING June 19th, 2019 for our September 13-15th, 2019 - Restore Your Soul Lifestyle Retreat! 

Don't wait as our last retreat SOLD OUT in one week.....

Limited Space Available!

Restore Your Soul Retreats focus on empowering women to live their best lives. 

We incorporate a holistic approach to wellness and fitness. 

We believe in the Advancement of women through Health and Community and we are committed to YOUR ultimate experience with us. 

Our Restore Your Soul Lifestyle Retreat is set in one of the most Spectacular settings nestled and surrounded by Nature at it's finest in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. With Fresh Mountain air and  Stunning Views,

the experience will fill your soul to it's highest level!  Located 15 minutes from Calgary and 10 minutes from Okotoks AB... a map and address will be given to you when you register!




You will find yourself immersed in activities such as:


  • Workouts

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Workshops featuring Self Love, Confidence, Habits, Limiting Beliefs, Power of the Mind to Heal and more

  • VIP Dinner - Wine, Tacos and Real Talk

  • Fireside Chats and  Snacks

  • Nutrition 101

  • Food, Food and More Food

  • Relaxation

  • Nature

  • Team Building

  • Laughter and Lots of it

  • Restore Your Soul Retreat will include all of the above activities as well as a 30-Day Muscles and Meals Program that will begin following the retreat!

mind/body connection workshops

Our retreats feature engaging workshops that focus on the mind/body connection and enhancing wellness through team support and connection.  

Forming lasting relationships is imperative especially for women as we navigate a world that can sometimes be difficult and stressful.  We teach you the tools and strategies to incorporate into your life and help you create new behaviors which help to change your actions and reach new incredible heights.   

The retreat will also address mastering your motivation and follow through with discussion,  goal setting and actionable strategies you can incorporate on a daily basis.  

We will always continue to support all retreat participants as they go on their journeys to a new and fulfilling life.  

health & fitness

Outdoor fitness, strength workouts, and high energy groups provide you with a fun and motivational approach to becoming stronger and fitter.  

We assess your fitness level prior to starting the workouts and understand that your workout is modified according to your particular fitness level.  

We use best practice methods in all our training and we incorporate a variety of fun, engaging activities to enhance your cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance.  

Our certified trainers are here to help you achieve your goals and establish a plan that you can continue when you leave the retreat!

yoga and meditation

In order to grow and develop as a woman, we understand that a calm mind and sense of solitude is required for ultimate outcomes.  

Our yoga and meditation instructors will take you through guided practice to ensure you have the skills and mindset to further enhance your personal development.  These practices will help you alleviate stress in your daily life and will help you become attuned to your emotional wellbeing and healing.  

nutrition and lifestyle

Nutrition is an integral part of health and wellness and is one of the major components of living our best life.  We also believe that women must not deprive themselves by going on restrictive low-calorie diets that are harmful and destructive to their mind and body.

We will provide you with healthy meals and snacks that will fuel your body and give you the energy you need to give 100%.  

There will be a cooking demo with a night of fun and community that shows you that being healthy and well is a lifestyle, not a chore.  

Rest and relaxation

Rest and relaxation are non-negotiable for superior health and wellness.  Rest repairs the body and rejuvenates the mind.  

We want all our retreat participants to de-stress and unwind in our idyllic outdoor setting, unplug and enjoy just being in the moment!

Immerse yourself in everything this amazing retreat can offer you and go away feeling revitalized and ready to take on any new adventure or challenge life has in store!

community support and team building

Community support and team building are so important for our overall health and wellness.  Our retreats are all about forming lasting relationships and forging new friendships through activities that enhance a group sense of togetherness and teamwork.  

We encourage all participants to step out of their comfort zones so that they can develop and grow in areas where they did not initially believe they could excel.  

Our team building and community development activities are built on mutual respect, kindness, cooperation, and learning...(maybe just a teeny amount of competition) 

Here's what our tribe had to say!

"I loved every second of this retreat! For me, it was so much more than a fitness retreat... empowerment, deep friendships, learning and growing, being scared and doing it anyway...all in a safe space of love and encouragement!! Looking forward to doing it again one day!"


"This was one of the most amazing weekends ever ... we really should do this again!"


"There are so many words I could use to describe my experience at this health and wellness retreat but the ones that are at the top of the list are empowering, sisterhood, teamwork, friendship and encouragement. 

This weekend took all the things I love, friends, fitness, sunshine, relaxation, health and wellness and a whole lot of laughter and it brought them all together.

We worked hard and earned our fun, we shared stories and were vulnerable, we laughed, we cried, we lifted each other up and encouraged each other to succeed. Teamwork was the theme and we all embraced it. 

I came away from this amazing experience with my bucket overflowing, to have such an amazing and diverse group of ladies lift each other up and pour greatness into each other was something that is so special words really can’t explain it.


Would I recommend this retreat to others?

I wouldn’t hesitate, it is truly something everyone should do, the personal growth, the challenge to step outside a comfort zone you may be sitting in, the friendships and everything else that comes along with it are a treasure. I wouldn’t think twice about going back ❤️"   NICOLE